OPI Panda-monium Pink Nail Polish Review

 I chose this color when I went to get my nails done the other day.  This polish really could use 3 coats but the nail tech only used 2.   This color is chameleon-like as it looks different in different lighting.  

Overall I'd say this color is a cool light pink and depending on the light, almost almost a super light lavendar.  In the dark it's more of a mauve light pink nude.  As you can see, the close up is more mauve, putty like and the top photo is more of the pink.  As I stare down at my nails it is a really light pink color - so like I said, chameleon color!!

This color kind of reminds me of "Mod about You'' by OPI but it's much more subtle. 

I love this shade and I would definitely purchase it.  It compliments my cool skin tone and yellow undertones - this polish seems to make my hands look ''tanner'' if you get what I mean! I love when a nail polish can do that!

Thrifty Findings

I love vintage trays.  I love finding them in thrift stores.  Did I say how much I love these trays?!  This one was $4.50 and it's super heavy. 

1. Jimmy Choo perfume
2.  Diesel fuel for life
3.  Victoria secret perfume
4. OPI mod about you (light pink)
5. OPI pompeii purple (hot pink)
6.  OPI rio red

Current favorite products

not sure if any one will read this but like i said in an earlier post, i think it's fun to blog and look back at what you were doing in that point in time. so just thought i'd share the current products i'm using.
 above is what is currently sitting on top of my Ikea Malm dresser.  

1. Jimmy Choo perfume: i bought this back in 2011 when it was brand new.  it is a very strong perfume and one spray will do ya just fine.  while it is not my favorite, i still like it because it brings back memories (ya know how certain scents do that) and it is a bit mature smelling and i like that. 

2. OPI in black cherry chutney: one of my favorite dark purple nail polishes. it's also currently the color on my toe nails. 

3. vintage 1950s hair comb: bought this last year at a garage sale. it is actually part of a set including a hair brush and mirror.  when i want to feel glamorous this is what i use along with the hair brush and mirror, to brush my hair.  i'll have to do a post on the hair set sometime.

4. Bed Head After Party: i've been using this since i was a freshman in highschool.  i love the smell and the way it smoothes my hair. 

5. Pear Blossom Bath & Body Works: it smells good. it's light and that is perfect for summer. 

staples in my make up bag. 
i use this when i want a more natural make up look. and you are probably thinking 'using FIVE products isn't natural' haha i know, i know.  i could forgo the highlighter combo but it looks too pretty not to.

1. Estee Lauder DayWear: they changed their formula so it does go on kind of orange, you just have to really smooth it out on your face.  again, i have been using this since i was in 8th grade.  i like the light coverage and i like how it gives me a glow.  i have a pretty nice complexion and don't need the heaviness of a bb cream or cc cream. it's great for giving your face that extra boost with out feeling to overdone.

2. Stila in Kitten:  the perfect highlighting duo.  i already have bronzer so i wanted a product that highlighted and also added color to my cheeks. this does just that.  i love the shimmer and how it really brightens up my face.  this is a new must have basic for myself. 

3. vintage mirror: thrifted this mirror. it's heavy as hell and i love it. i use it religiously to check the back of my hair.

4. Sephora black mascara: this is a make up no-no but i use this mascara for one year and then toss it out.  it makes it look like i have longer, thicker lashes. my lashes are seriously short and stubby.

5. stila concealer: i was skeptical when the girl put this on my under eye circles at ULTA, but when i got home to try it on myself, it worked and hid my purple circles.  a little goes a long way. 

6. Too Faced lip color: i wanted to find a lip color that wasn't exactly lipstick but not a gloss.  lipstick can be drying and gloss can be annoying.  this color is close to the baby lips purple tube color. i forgot what it is called but it's in a purple tube with peach writing. 

** i mostly used gift cards to purchase everything and some were gifts from my family and sometimes i'd search on amazon for the best deal.  these are products that i would definitely invest though and i think they warrant the cost. 

Thee best shade of red

I quite possibly may have found the best shade of red.. like as in thee red.  It's a perfect match-made-in-nail-polish-heaven. Some reds tend to wash me out but this one doesn't.  It's called Red Hot Rio by OPI and it's a very bright red and the finished look is shiny and jelly like. I'll have to blog about my favorite colors; I've found my perfect pink, dark shade, red, opaque pink and I have yet to find a nude, sheer nude, burgundy red and purple-ish color.  

Lovely isn't it? Red nails make me feel sexy and polished.  A good red will always be in style.