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I quit drinking coffee... and my skin became clearer, b.o. went away and anxiety went down

I had relentlessly tried quitting coffee. And it wasn't until then, that I realized I was addicted to my seemingly innocent morning habit.  This wasn't the first time I would try to quit- oh no; I recall quitting cold turkey and that translated into THE worst headache of my life. I felt groggy, tired, irritable and depressed, so back I went and I felt normal again.  Addiction.
I would then try quitting other countless times to no avail.   Until.  
Until one day, I became very sick.  I lost my sense of taste, smell, and I had a really scratchy sore throat that made me sound like Tila Tequila- a great recipe for thwarting off the coffee cravings.  Because I was so sick, it masked the dreaded withdrawal symptoms. So, after 5 days of being ill, I decided I would continue my discontinuation of coffee drinking. And oh. my. gosh. the results! 

The results were so amazing and still continue to be for me.
1.My acne cleared significantly.  As you can see, the blemishes on my forehead ha…

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